Conservation & Preservation

With the reporting of the Sadhara stupa in the 19th century it was known to be in a dilapidated state and was bolstered during the British period by constructing 5 buttresses encircling the medhi.  The anda and medhi were collapsing in the intervening areas between the buttresses and therefore a holistic conservation strategy was devised. In the first phase of conservation endeavours the buttress were removed as it was a discordant structure of much later times.  To find out the structural phases an excavation was carried out in the precincts. Besides this for conservation the entire unstable veneering was dismantled then the medhi was also dismantled including its basal courses. On the basis of the outline of the medhi and its trend a new medhi was constructed.  A passage to the brick core showing the in-situ relic chamber was built for the viewing of the structural phases and the relic chamber by the interested visitors.  This was followed by the restoration of the brick medhi which was missing. To separate the original bricks and the newly laid bricks a geo –textile sheet was laid all around the Medhi before laying of the new bricks according to the profile of the anda. Lastly the stone veneering was laid covering a height of about 7 metre. With this the first phase of restoration work of Stupa no 1 has been completed.

After Conservation