Conservation & Preservation

The Stupa was leaking profusely during the rainy season of the year 1995-96. On inspection it was noticed that a tree trunk had got in to the crevices of the middle part of the Harmika part and binding material had become dead. Recess pointing along with grouting has been carried out to conceal the gaps which has been created in course of time after 1912-1919 conservation work at Stupa no.-1. Following the ancient pattern the lime concrete mixture is being prepared by adding Bel, Gurh, Menthi and Udath  dal etc. All those pockets where water stagnation was noticed during the rainy season have been sealed with the prepared mortar .All weep holes have been cleaned properly, so that the percolated water will come out easily. The  cement mortar used for mending the railings of the pradakshina patha have been removed .They have been now mended with epoxy and stone dust Apart from it a garden has been developed around the great stupa. Necessary steps are being taken up to provide better public amenities at the monument complex. In order to enhance the beauty of the monument a garden has been developed around the stupa.
Further work In continuation of the previous years (2006-07)work

Cement mortar used for mending the railing of the Pradakshina path of Stupa No. 1 has been removed. The broken railing is now mended with epoxy and stone dust which is giving a better aesthetic look. Besides this landscaping and general maintenance of the site was done to give a much better aesthetic look to the site.
After Conservation & Development