RECENT ACTIVITY : Out Reach Program

Out Reach Program

The antiquity of Indian civilization goes back to a period when history was fresh and time stood still. Right from the dawn of history , the country has zealously preserved thousands of historical structures and sites connected with various aspects of history. In a land like India where there is a profusion of monuments and every second stone is a monument, government agencies like Archaeological Survey of India and State Archaeology Department alone cannot protect and maintain all these monuments.

Under this circumstances the concept of 'Adopt a Heritage' conceived by Archaeological Survey of India, Goa, successfully experimented with the help of the students of Dhempe College of Arts and Science in 1994 in conserving the 'Arch of Conception' holds the promise of making a real impact in the filed. A similar attempt to preserve unattended antiquities by housing them in the first ever village museum of the country was started by the poor villagers for Chandimow near Nalanda in Bihar with the help of Archaeological Survey of India.

Adopt a heritage is a new concept wherein monuments neither protected by Archaeological Survey of India nor by other official agencies is preserved by harnessing the hitherto untapped students as "Non-Conventional Energy" for the protection of Cultural Heritage. While the Archaeological Survey of India will supervise the work and extend the much needed technical support, some of the industrial houses will provide the financial support to the project.

The biggest by product of this project will be creation of awareness in younger minds for the precious heritage of our country. If we can conserve a number of historic structures through Adopt a Heritage that will usher us in grey revolution.


What is Grey Revolution ?

Grey hair is the most visible symbol and colour for aging and hence, Grey Revolution stands for the movement of protecting the old, fragile but precious heritage of the country.

Independent India has successfully implemented the schemes of 'Green Revolution' and 'White Revolution'. While the Green revolution made us self sufficient in agricultural varieties and food items, the 'White Revolution' enabled us to make record progress in milk and milk products. In the new millennium, the need of the hour is to prepare the country for a 'Grey Revolution'.


Remember, when you support Archaeological Survey of India for Adopt a Heritage and Grey Revolution you are not simply adopting a heritage but entering into an equal partnership with illustrious personalities of history .

How thrilling it is to enter into an equal partnership with personalities of history such as Ashoka, Raja Raja Chola and Akbar ! If you are looking for such a proud privilege, help ASI to maintain the monuments of kings and emperors through " Adopt a Heritage" and "Grey Revolution".


The biggest enemy of the monument is scribbling on the monuments by students and other youngsters. It is a universal problem. In order to combat with this problem , the ASI Bhopal Circle has set up Sanskriti Sthambha a scale model of Ashokan Pillar at Sarnath, in all the World heritage Monuments. Emperor Ashoka through 'A New Ashokan inscription" inscribed on this, exhorts the younger generation not to scribble and deface the monuments. Students, in turn, take a solemn pledge under the Sanskriti Stambha that they would neither deface nor scribble on the monuments.


Thus Spake the Soul of Emperor Ashoka

I am the sinner who started the horrifying and bloody Kalinga War. When I saw thousands of human beings injured and killed at Kalinga battlefield, I realized it and my soul started crying. From a bloodthirsty tyrant, I changed into a protector of all living and non-living things and their environment.

My monuments and edicts are living testimonies of it. But, today, I am more pained and grief stricken when I see people encroaching, injuring and scribbling their names on my monuments and monuments of my predecessors and successors without realizing that it is a part of their own precious heritage. Full with remorse, today I wish to propound and propagate a new religion of non-violence towards the monuments and heritage. I request all the people to adopt this new religion by pledging the following principles.

  • I will not scribble, deface or encroach upon any monuments.
  • I will respect the monuments and heritage like my parents and teachers.
  • I will render all possible help to conserve and preserve our heritage.

Superintending Archaeologist Archaeological Survey of India Bhopal Circle B. Block GTB Complex TT Nagar Bhopal 07552558250, 07552558270.