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Naresar (ancient Nalesvara), situated 18 km northeast of Gwalior has a large group of temples dating from the 8th to the 12th centuries, of which nine pertain to the Gopadri sub-style of the early 8th century. While one of these has an exceptional plan with a Valabhi sikhara, the remaining eight shrines uniformly consist of square sanctum preceded by a short kapili projection which accommodates a doorway of three to four ornate sakshas. The sikhara is three storeyed and crowned by a large amalasaraka and is adorned by a gabled sukanasa front with a gavaksha dormer, harbouring an image of Lakulisa on Siva temples and Durga on the Sakta temples. The doorway has four sakhas carved with scrolls, serpent, pilaster, and beveled band of scrolls with river-goddess panels at the base and a garuda figure holding tail-ends of the serpents on the lalata. The Siva temples usually harbour bold relief's of Ganesa, Karttikeya, and Uma engaged in penance on the bhadras. The Valabhi temple, dedicated to Durga, is a small triratha shrine with a rectangular sanctum and a superstructure of mixedtype with a Valabhi sikhara over a single storey Nagara base. The shrine displays the earliest Valabhi-sikhara in Central India anticipating the grand on the Teli-Ka-mandir at Gwalior
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