Located at Ater, known earlier as Devagiri, the construction of the fort was started by the Bhadoria Chief, Badan Singh Judeo in A.D. 1644 and was completed by Mahsingh in 1668. It is a fort commanding strategic position. The fortification comprising bastions at regular intervals and entered through a gate on the west is approached through three gates, with high walls on either side. The main residential area of the royal family is located beyond the last gate. The palaces are beautiful and are designed around open courtyards. The ruins of the Diwan-I-Am and Diwan-I-Khas testify to the grandeur of the architectural style of the period. In the residential building stands a lofty seven-storied tower. On the north and south of the upper storied are pavilions with projected balconies and spacious terraces in front.
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Ater Ater Bhind M.P.