Koshak Mahal

The Koshak-Mahal is by far the most important palace at Chanderi. It is a square building with 35.36 m. side. Its plan like a Roman cross has been so disposed as to provide wide open passage in the middle of each side running across the whole length, the two E-W and N-S bisecting each other at right angles, thus leaving three storeyed mansions at the four corners. In other words, Koshak mahal is a complex of four palaces of equal dimensions standing at equal distance from one another on the sides of passages which connect them as much as they separate them. It allows each adjunct to stand independently and draw its ventilation and light freely on all the four sides and yet be interconnected through the overhead covered corridors instead of a single spacious courtyard in the middle of the compound, the wide open passages have been provided for better reasons. The superstructure has been destroyed ut obviously no dome was used. Probably there were chhatris, one on each corner, crowning the corner adjunct independently. Entirely built of white local sandstone, all the four mansions of Koshak Mahal are identifical. Each one is three - storeyed and is three aisles deep on either side, measuring, like a perfect cube, a little ore than 15.24 m. on eigher axis. The first storey has a comfortable division of its plan into chambers and corridors, strictly devoted to its residential purpose. Its ceiling is unique. Divided into square bays altogether, each one is roofed by four fling arches - all in stone - meeting at the apex, thus forming a gorgeous cross- vault. Massive pillars have been used for support. The second storey too has an ingenious, yet extremely simple, technique of roofing. Here the slabs have been laid diagonally across the breadth along the whole length of each division. Except at the ends where triangular qediments have been provided they rest by their joint weight. It is this wonderful way that the force of gravitation has been exploited. The third has the conventional flat ceiling with the use of pillars and brackets. In comparision to the lower ones, the uppermost storey is most ornamental. There is carving and jail work.
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