Mahadeva Temple

This temple is a significant Structures of the early Pratihara styles central India. The bhadra niches display the usual parivara-devatas of Siva, viz Ganesa (S), Kartikeya (W) and Uma doing penance (N), while the Karna niches bear figures of ganas dancing, playing music or cavorting, save one on the west which shows dikpala Yama seated on his buffalo mount. (The Kapili projection is also adorned with niches harbouring the dikpalas Agni and Isana appropriately in the south-east and north-east directions. The niches on the bhadras as well as the Kapili projection are capped by elaborate udgama pediments. Its doorway is large and grander and replaces the middle sakha of stambha, (pilaster) by a rupa-sakha, each side representing figures of mithunas nymphs and a sage. Though the upper part of the sikhara is lost, the surviving lower part shows bolder chandrasalas, while the suknasa displays two-tiered figural embellishment.
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Act No. LXXI of 1951, dt. 28/11/1951
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Amrol Bhiterwar Gwalior M.P.