Malik Moghi's Tomb

: In the large group of monuments around the picturesque Sagar-Talao the most important is the mosque built, as stated in an inscription on its doorway, by Malik Mughith, the father of Mahmud Khalji, in A.D. 1432. Like the mosque of Dilawar Khan, the plan of this building consists of a central court enclosed by colonnades, one aisle deep, on all sides, except in the west where it is four aisles deep. The main entrance is, however, through a projecting porch with a number of rooms on both sides, built in the basement, apparently for the staff of the mosque and pilgrims. I front of the rooms is a well-designed arched corridor which, with the porch projecting in the idle and the small turrets at the corners, imparts an impressive frontage to the building. The porch was once surmounted by a dome which has disappeared but was supported by the existing pillars of Brahmanical design belonging to some temple.
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