Darya Khan"s Tomb


The building stands on a raised platform. Its exterior is faced with red masonry which was once decorated with coloured enamels in various intricate patterns. Near the piers of arches are seen octagonal posts in the traditional style. The most interesting feature of the building, however, lies in the small domes at the center. They remind one of similar domes on the tomb of Hoshang Shah in comparisons to which the domes here are rather clumsy.

The interior is a square hall with arches built across the corners to support the dome above. The only ornamentation inside is in the band of miniature arches set with blue tiles and in the beautiful stone trellis-work fitted into the walls for purposes o admitting light and air within. The main sarcophagus is dedicated to Darya Kha, who was employed in the court of Sultan Mahmud II (AD 1510-26). There are a number of other ruined buildings close by from which, it appears, the area was quite an important one containing gardens and other pleasure house.
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