Ashrafi Mahal

To the east of the Jami Masjid is seen a huge platform-like structure presenting an impression that it must have once supported a magnificent building. But the building here belonged to two different stages of construction, the earlier representing a college (madrasa) attached to the great mosque, planned and designed in conjunction with it. For, the existing remains indicate that this college was planned as a great quadrangle with a spacious open court, enclosed on all sides by a number of small cells for students. Along its exterior were two rows of arcades, the inner ones affording entrance to the cells. The quadrangle had a projection to its west. This projection was extended further by about 9 m so as to present the main frontage to the building; but the superstructure is no longer in existence. At the four corners of the quadrangle were round towers, three of which are traceable even now.
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