Buddhist Monuments

These Monuments belong to 3rd CBC to 1200 AD. These are mainly Buddhist Monuments containing, stupas temple and monasteries. The stupa No.1 at the site was constructed by Mauryan Emperor Ashoka. It was originally constructed bricks, later encased by stones, thereafter provided railings and gateways. Few Buddhist temples like early Gupta temple and temple No.45 also situated on the hillock. More
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SRO 372, pub. 28/2/1953. Area near to or adjoining to Buddhist monument to be a prohibited area for construction SO 4288, pub. 9/12/1967 pdf View SRO 136 , Pub. 9/1/1954; SO 1886, dt. 21/5/1968; pub June/1/1968 pdf View
Locality Tehsil District State
Sanchi Raisen Raisen M.P.