Jain temples on the hills

Kundalpur has been since old days a sacred place to the Jainas of the Digambara sect. In all there are 58 Digambara Jaina temples. On the circular hill range stand 30 of these temples, while the remaining 28 temples are situated at the foot of the hill and on the banks of Vardhamana Sagar tank. Most of the ancient temples have been renovated during the last three centuries. The oldest and the largest of the 30 temples situated on the hill enshrines a colossal red sandstone image of Jain Tirthankara which bears no emblem. The main interest of this picturesque place lies in images of Rishabhanatha and Parshvanatha in standing posture. These are probably of 6th or 7th century A.D. On the door of this temple there is an inscription of 24 lines put up during the reign of the Bundela Maharaja Chhatarsal. The record refers to the repair works of the temple at Mandirtila (old name of Kundalpur), started by Suchandragana and completed in Samvat 1757 (A.D. 1700). On another small temple date of repair was mentioned as Samvat 1505 (1444 A.D.).
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