Old Temple

This Siva temple, located at Kodal (Distt. Damoh), stands on a low moulded platform punctuated with niches containing Saiva sculptures. The temple consists o a developed pancharatha sanctum with Latina sikhara preserved up to the fifth story and mandapa totally lost. The jangha repeats the standard design of two rows of figures. The recesses of the lower row bear Surasundaris and those of the upper row vyalas. The intact bhadra niches display Nataraja (S) and Andhakantaka (E) While the south kapili niche bear Ganesa with Vighnesvari. The jangha terminates with a festoon design. The sanctum doorway is ornate and its lintel is adorned with Navagraha figures with Uma-Mahesvara on the lalata. The architrave has dancing Saptamatrikas flanked by Virabhadra and Ganesa with Nataraja in the middle. The temple represents a stylized phase of Kalchuri art and architecture, datable to circa A.D. 1000.
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Locality Tehsil District State
Kodal Dendukhera Damoh M.P.