Lakshman Temple

This temple dedicated to Vaishnava worship is a sandhara temple of the panchayatan, (five shrined) variety and is the earliest and best preserved of the evolved temples with entrance-porch, mandapa, maha-mandapa with transepts, vestibule and sanctum with an ambulatory and three transepts. This is the only temple which preserves intact all the subsidiary shrines and the jagati (platform) with its mouldings and friezes. It still displays the largest number of the fine apsaras brackets, which form a notable feature of the interior decoration of the Khajuraho temples. The sanctum doorway is of seven sakhas (vertical panels), the central one being decorated with various incarnations of Vishnu. The lintel depicts Lakshmi at the center. The jangha (wall) of the sanctum proper is decorated with two rows of sculptures of which the upper one is carved with interesting scenes from the Krishna legend, including the subjugation of the serpent Kaliya, the elephant Kuvalayapida and the wrestlers Chanura and Sala and the Killing of Putana, etc. The sanctum enshrines a three-headed and four-armed image of Vishnu as Vaikuntha with a human central head and the side-heads of boar and lion. an inscribed slab, dated in A.D. 953-54 in the reign of Dhanga, which was originally excavated at the base of the temple, says that king Yasovarman died in circa 954, the temple appears to have been built between 930 and 950, which fits in well with its architectural and sculptural peculiarities.
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