Chausath Yogini Temple
The Chausath-yogini temple, made of coarse granite, is the earliest building at Khajuraho and is situated on a low granite outcrop to the south-west of the Siva-sagar tank. The temple has an exceptional plan and design. Standing on a lofty (5.4 m.high) platform, it is an open-air quadrangular (31- 4m x 18.3m) structure of sixty-seven peripheral shrines, of which only thirty-five have now survived. The shrines are tiny plain cells, each entered by a small doorway and roofed by a curvilinear sikhara of an elementary form. The shrine in the back wall, facing the entrance, is the largest and perhaps constituted the main shrine. A few simple mouldings on the façade are all the decoration that the temple displays, but in spite of its uncouth appearance and rugged bareness, it possesses an elemental strength and reveals some basic traits of Khajuraho style, such as a lofty platform and a jangha (wall) divided into two registers. Of all the yogini temples in India, this is the most primitive in construction and unique in being quadrangular and not circular on plan. The three surviving images, representing Brahmani, Mahesvari and Hingalaja (Mahishamardini) are massive and squat in form and are among the oldest sculptures of Khajuraho. The latter two are inscribed as Mahesvari and Hingalaja. The evidence of the sculptural and architectural style, coupled with the early paleography of the short labels on the images, indicates that the temple is probably datable to the last quarter of the ninth century.
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Khajuraho Rajnagar Chhatarpur M.P.