Adinatha Temple

The Adinath temple, dedicated to Jina Adinatha is smaller and simpler than the Parsvanatha temple and is located immediately to its north. It is a nirandhara temple of which only the sanctum and vestibule have survived. In the elegance of plan and design it resembles the Vamana temple. In fact, the only noteworthy difference between them lies in the decoration of the top row of the outer wall, which in the case of the Vamana shows diamonds in niches but represents here a spirited band of flying vidyadhara, also found on the Javari, Chaturbhuja and Duladeo temples. As its sikhara is not as squat and heavy as that of the Vamana but shows better proportions, it appears to be slightly more evolved and somewhat later in date than the Vamana. This is also attested by its sculptural style. This temple is girdled round by three bands of elegant sculptures including charming sura-sundaris. The principal niches of the outer facades contain images of Jaina yakshis. The roof of the vestibule deserves particulars notice for its elegant design and decoration. The temple is assignable to the late eleventh century A.D.
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Khajuraho Rajnagar Chhatarpur M.P.