Ekattarso Mahadeva Temple

This temple is located on the top of hillock hypetheral on plan comprising a circular cloister around an open courtyard over a high plinth. The circular cloister consists of a series of small cellas, each having an open mandapa supported on pilasters and pillars on the front. The roof of these cellas and the mandapa are presently flat. There is also a circular shrine facing east in the center of the courtyard. Each cella and the central shrine presently accommodate a Sivalinga. According to a recent study undertaken the structure represented a Chausath Yogini Temple.). Each cella originally had sikhara but during the course of conservation, these smaller shrines were made flat-roofed. The main shrine in the center also appears to have originally had sikhara on the top, instead of flat roof. According to an inscription found here, dated V.S. 1380 (A.D. 1323) the temple was constructed by Maharaja Devapala.
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