Tarapur Gate

This gate stands at the south-west brink of the plateau of Mandu, facing the Tarapur village which nestles in the plains below. History, however, records that the fort wall was invaded several times from this direction. Humayun's troops are said to have scaled the walls at some point near this gateway deposit the fact that the height of the hill here is over 280 m. The plan of the gateway embraces an outer arch, whence broad masonry steps, defended on both sides by massive walls, lead first towards the west and then towards the north until a landing is reached, where Akbar ordered a gate to be built facing the west. An inscription is carved on the side wall of the gate, recording the fact that the approach to the Fort was improved by Akbar's agent Muhammed Hussain in 1014 A.H. (A.D. 1605).
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