Songarh Gate

Near the neck of the Mandu plateau, connecting it with the hill, stands a gateway, the architecture of which is partly old and partly modern. It is reported that the Maratha lady Maina Bai rebuilt it during her stay at Mandu in he last century. The gate has an old arched entrance, and has two its new brick built kiosks, which are an eyesore as contrasting with the beautiful red masonry of the upper façade of the gate. The cusped arches of these kiosks add a further incongruity in the style of the building. The effigies of a tiger and an elephant worked out I plaster may be seen on he inner face of the gateway. The passageway between the plateau of Mandu and the gateway of the hill seems to have been artificially formed by filling a shallow ravine between the two.
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Mandu (Sagar) Nalchha Dhar M.P.