Nahar Jharokha compound

Built of marble, This Jharokha originally rested on an effigy of a tiger, hence the name Nahar Jharokha, or Tiger Balcony. The buildings at the back of this Jharokha have been named as palace. They also form a compound around it. There are a series of rooms built in two storeys. On the ground floor there is a hall in the middle with two flanking halls, one each on the east and the west. The middle hall is 6.5 m x 3 m while the flanking halls measures 11 m x 3 m. The ceiling of these rooms and halls consists of shallow vaults. The niche and panel decoration of the walls and the cut paster-work of arches indicate that the halls were built during the Mughal period, apparently when Jahangir held his court at Mandu. The ornamentation of the rooms of the upper storey confirms this view.
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