Jama Masjid

The Jami-Masjid is most majestic and imposing building at Mandu. Its construction was started by Hoshang Shah and completed by Mahmud Khalji in A.D. 1454. The whole construction stands on a huge plinth, about 4.6 m high above the ground level. On both sides below the porch the façade of the plinth has been arranged into a varandah, 1.8 m deep with arched openings for a number of cells inside meant for visitors or the staff of the mosque. The plinth is artfully concealed by the arched openings of cells with the huge domed porch projecting in the center. The background being dominated by three similar imposing domes, the space between them being filled up by seemingly innumerable miniature domes. Beyond the western door of the porch is the great court of the mosque, enclosed on all sides by huge colonnades with a rich and pleasing variety in the arrangement of their arches, pillars, number of bays and rows of domes above. The prayer hall is the most imposing of all, with numerous rows of arches and pillars which support the domical ceilings of the eight ----- domes and the three large --- ones rising majestically above the rest. The stern simplicity of the interior offers a most effective contrast to the seventeen niches along the western wall which bear beautiful sculptured crenellation along their heads and have their jambs worked out in polished black stone with cavings of Hindu design. The central niche is most beautifully designed and ornamented along its sides with a scroll of interwoven Arabic letters containing quotations from the holy Quran. Near it is the raised pulpit with its elegant marble dome supported on four arches, the brackets and balustrade of which bear clear races of Hindu influence. At the extreme ends of are arranged upper apartments meant for ladies and royal visitors.
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