Hoshang Shah tomb


The entrance to this tomb is through a porch, square in plan, with well-proportioned and artistic ached openings on three sides supporting the marble dome above.

Beyond the porch inside is a stone pavement which runs along he northern and southern sides only of the big court, in the middle of which stands the mausoleum on a square marble platform.

Though the porch faces north the entrance to the tomb proper is from the south through a doorway of exquisite proportions with simple but pleasing ornamentation. The interior is plain but for the ornamental mouldings such as the miniature arches with blue enamel background running all along the rim of the dome.

The main sarcophagus of Hoshang Shah is carved in the form of a casket with receding bands and with a mihrab moulded at the top. There are other graves also below the dome, three of which are in marble.
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Locality Tehsil District State
Mandu Nalchha Dhar M.P.