Gada Shah Palace

This is a two storeyed building, the ground floor having arched openings and side apartments and the upper storey consisting of a hall and two side-rooms. In the center of the hall ---- is a fountain. The surplus water from which was drained out through a net-work of channels and spouts carved --- heads of an elephant and tiger respectively, a feature peculiar. Hindu in conception, thus strengthening the conjecture of its association with Medini Ray. Further in the niche, at the south-west corner of the hall, are two well-executed paintings representing a chief and a lady, may be the Rajput chief and his consort. On the exterior of the edifice are traces of decorated panels and other designs in plaster.
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  • PNB, CNB, Other signages
  • Drinking water
  • Toilet
  • Parking
  • access for physically challenged person
  • Public sale counter
  • Clock room
  • Cafeteria.


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Locality Tehsil District State
Mandu Nalchha Dhar M.P.