Dai ka Mahal


The "Mahal" or more properly mausoleum, stands on a --- basement with arched openings rooms on its western side traces of circular towers at the south-east and north-east corners which once stood beautiful pavilions in level with the --- of the tomb. In the middle of --- spacious terrace is the tomb ---- along its western fringe are --- remains of a beautiful mosque consisting a double hall --- vaulted ceilings having traces tile decoration. The window projecting from the southern a northern walls deserve special notice showing the influence Hindu design in their balustrade and in the elephant-tusk bracket supporting them.

The tomb proper is square plan with arched openings in the middle of the walls, the upper portion of which is decorated with a row of miniature arches. The mosque noteworthy feature of the building however, is the elongated octagonal neck of the dome enclosed by a ornamented parapet with tiny kiosk on the corners of the octagon. --- such decorating is realy found in Mandu though ---- is a common decorative device with domes in the Deccan.
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Mandu (Sagar) Nalchha Dhar M.P.