Vamana Temple

This temple dedicated to the Varmana form of Vishnu, is situated about 200 m. to the north-east o the so-called brahma temple. It is nirandhara (one without ambulatory) temple, consisting on plan of a sapta-ratha (seven-projectioned) sanctum, vestibule, maha-mandapa with lateral transepts and entrance-porch, of which only the plinth has survived. Its sikhara is unencumbered by any subsidiary sikharas and is embellished with a fret-work of chaitya-arches, contrast to the developed local temples, erotic scenes are absent here, except in the subsidiary niches of the proof-pediments. It is also noteworthy for showing over the maha-mandapa a peculiar roof known as samvarana which is characteristic of the medieval temples of western India. The absence of the dhammilla- type of head-dress on the sura-sundari figures indicates that the temple is later than the Kandariya, the sculptural types and style of which it continues. This temple is, therefore, assignable to circa 1050-75.
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Khajuraho Rajnagar Chhatarpur M.P.