Parsvanatha Temple

The Parsvanatha temple, originally dedicated to the first Tirthankara, is one of the finest monuments of Khajuraho and the largest among the local Jaina temples. It is oblong on plan with axial projections on the two ends; the projection on the east or front constitutes the entrance-porch, while that on the west comprises a shrine attached to the back of the sanctum. Although it is a sandhara temple, the transepts with the balconied windows, which are so characteristic of the developed Khajuraho style, are absent. The outer wall is solid and is embellished with three bands of graceful sculptures. The entrance-porch shows an ornate ceiling of coffered design with pendants, the central one being exquisitely embellished with chain and floral patterns, terminating is a pair of intertwined flying vidyadhara figures. The interior consists of a sanctum enclosed by ambulatory a vestibule and maha-mandapa provided with a doorway. The door-lintel of the maha-mandapa represents in the center a ten-armed image of yakshi Chakresvari riding on Garuda, while that of the sanctum shows Jinas. Despite its Jaina affilation, the Parsvanatha temple bears a significant kinship to the Lakshmana in displaying among its sculptures a predominance of Vaishnava themes which include Parasurama, Balarama with Revati, group of Rama, Sita and Hanuman and the Yamalarjuna episode of the Krishna-legend. The sculptures of this temple also approximate those of the Lakshmana in voluminous modeling, proportion and poise. This temple bears some of the loveliest surasundari figures. It is datable to circa A.D. 960.
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