Brahma Temple

: This temple with a simple plan and design and with the sikhara made of sandstone and the body of granite, occupies a fine position on the bank of the Khajuraho sagar or Ninora-tal. It is miscalled Brahma on account of a four-faced linga now enshrined in the sanctum, but must have originally been dedicated to Vishnu as shown by his figure carved centrally on the lintel of the sanctum-doorway. It is a modest structure, comprising a sanctum and a porch, the later now completely lost and the former roofed by a pyramidal sikhara of receding tiers of pidhas, crowned by a prominent bell-member. The sanctum is cruciform externally with projections on each side, and square internally, resting on twelve plain pilasters of granite. The projection on the east contains the entrance and that on the west is pierced with a smaller doorway, while the lateral projections on the remaining two sides contain plain latticed windows. Except for the bodly modeled figures of the Brahmanical Trinity on the lintel and Ganga and Yamuna at thebase, its doorway is plain. Its jangha (wall) divided into two registers and standing on simple basement mouldingsis also plain. Despite some difference in details this temple belongs to the same conception and early structural phase the Lalguan-Mahadeva with which it shares a common plan, design, ornaments and building material. It is consequently assignable to circa 900.
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Khajuraho Rajnagar Chhatarpur M.P.