Temples 2 to 7

Situated in the Gadhi and close to the Matha is Temple 2 dedicated to Siva. The temple rises from a simple padmapitha and has minor figures in niches on all the projections of the vedibandha. The bhadra niches of the jangha project like subshrines roofed by Phamsana . The niche on the south is intact containing a dancing Ganesa. Similarly, the south kapili niche contains a figure of Kshemankari Durga. The pratibhadra projections and recesses of the upper row of the jangha also display figures of divinities. The sanctum doorway displays on the lintel figures of Nataraja on the lalata and uma-Mahesvara and lakshmi Narayana at the terminals and Navagrahas in the recesses while the architrave bears a frieze of twelve Adityas. Temple 3 - This temple is exceptional in displaying a triratha sanctum with a bhadra flanked by upabhadras and in harbouring Dikpalas in the niches of the Karnas as well as the Kapili. The bhadra niches ear dancing Ganesa (S), Hari-hara-Hiranayagarbha (E), and Chamunda (N), while the kapili niches show Nirriti (S) and Varuna (N), The upper row o the jangha bears flying figues of Vidyadharas. The varandika is composed of a Kapotapalika, recessed frieze of diamonds, and a projecting pattika carved with a frieze of dancers and musicians, crowned by a chajja. The sanctum doorway shows on the lintel figures of Siva as Kalyanasundara on the lalata, Brahma-Savitri and Lakshmi-Narayan at the terminals and friezes of Navagrahas and Sapta-Matrikas in the recesses. The architrave displays a relief o eleven Rudras. Temple 4 - This Siva temple is exceptional in having a sigle row of sculptures on the jangha and in adorning its intervening recesses with chequers. The bhadra iches bear fiures of Ganesa (S), Yogasana Surya (E), and Parvati (N) While the Kapili niches display Nataraja (N) and Parvati (S). The jangha terminates with a festoon of grasapatti, topped by a varandika comprising a row of square bosses carved with floral design between a pair of Kapotapalis. The sanctum doorway is panchasakha and displays Siva on lalata with Brahma and Vishnu at the terminals and Navagrahas and Matrikas in the recesses. The architrave bears a relief of eleven Rudras. Temple 5 This Siva temple is notable for many features. This is the only 10th century temple at the site to preserve a sikhara which is quite tall in proportion. It further displays two rows of sculptures on all the projections and recesses of the jangha. While the recesses of the lower row bear figures of vyalas, those of the upper row show Surasundaris and musicians. The bhadra niches bear in the lower and upper rows images of Karttikeya and Uma-Mahesvara (S), Nataraja and Uma-Mahesvara (N) and Chamunda and Brahma (E). The Rapili niches harbour in corresponding positions Ganesa with Vighnesavari and Uma Mahesvara (S), and lakshmi_Narayana and Brhma-Savitri (N). The Jangha is topped by a row of vyala heads on projecting bosses, a plain recessed band, and kapotapali, constituting the varandika. The sikhara is tall with eight storeys and is a adorned by a minute jala of gavaksha-arches. The sanctum doorway has five sakhas, the central one carved with Saiva figures. The temple has lost the porch.
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