The antiquity of the place dates from the 10th century when it was known by the name of Kadambaguha as is clear from a contemporary record recovered at the ancient monastery in the village. The monastery is interesting for the history of Saivism in these parts, for the inscription found there clearly suggests that it was built for the ascetics of the Saiva sect known by the name of Mattamayura or "Mad Peacock". The widespread influence of this sect is attested by similar records and monasteries found at other places of Madhya Pradesh also. The structure here is uilt of huge blocks of stone with large slabs used for roofing. The monastery was provided with a defence wall, now in ruins, some time in the 15th century probably to protect the inmates of the monastery. The monastery was once attached to a temple of Shiva nearby which is now nearly half-buried. Some of the temples here, are locally called as Murayats obviously indicating their connection with the Matta-Mayura sect.
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Kadwaha Ishagarh Ashok Nagar M.P.