Bada Madarasa

Bada Madarsa, which is also a tomb, It is a square tomb building having an arcade of five arches supported on stone pillars on each side and a 6.1 m. varandah girding on all sides. There are no struts or any other ornamental features on the exterior. The mortuary hall is square with 9.96 m. side. Except for the entrance, it is closed on all sides with jail-panels on the exterior verandah above the dado height the famous geometrical designs of Fatehpur Sikri by more than a century. Arches are built with the help of voussiors and are truly radiating. They have a very assertive ogee; indeed the curves of ogee are so overwhelmingly prominent as to have gone out of shape. Pendentives and stone squinches have been used in the phase of transition. The dome has fallen down.
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