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About 14.4 km. Away from the town place called Budhi Chanderi. Contains extensive ruins enveloped in jungles. During 1969-70, nearly 2,500 Brahamanical and Jains sculptures of the 10-11th centuries were collected there. A few Jain remains and rock-cut Jain images were also traced. Some Jaina images were collected from these and at Chanderi. The Jaina temples are of the Kachhapaghata style which were built during the 10th 11th centuries. These temples consists of a porch, mandapa and sanctum. Most of the temples are ruined. The sculptures recovered are mainly of Jaina Tirthankaras and Dikpalas like Indra, Agni, Isana etc.
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Budhichanderi Chanderi Ashok Nagar M.P.